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Seasoned-Processing of our seasoned wood stockpile begins in the early spring to allow approximately 6 months of drying time before the following winter. All wood is cut at 16” and custom lengths are available for bulk custom orders. We provide dump truck delivery service and pickup at our location is also available. All wood is sold by the cord or measurable increments of a cord.


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Kiln Dried-Our kiln dried wood is the heart of our bundling and packaging operation but is also available for purchase in larger bulk quantities. We use a state-of-the art kiln specifically designed for drying firewood. Internal temperature probes monitor and record the drying process to ensure the wood is heat treated to USDA standards. There are many benefits to our heat treated wood including: bug and mold free, safe for transport*, burns hotter with less creosote buildup. Less mess for cleaner indoor storage. Readily available year round.

*Check your local and state regulations regarding firewood transportation



Bundles-Firewood bundles are extremely popular at retail locations and are consistently sold year round for a variety of uses. Grocery stores, beer distributors, gas stations, hardware stores and sporting goods stores are a few examples of retailers that benefit from firewood sales. Our bundles are 100% premium kiln dried hardwoods that are shrink wrapped and have a handle for easy carrying. We provide local delivery in Northeast PA and can ship anywhere in the US.


Cooking and Smoking- Along with mixed hardwoods can we separate and process oak, cherry, hickory, maple and apple for sale to restaurants, BBQ stands and smoking operations.  Wood can be purchased green, seasoned or kiln dried.

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